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The Self -Esteem Quiz

posted Nov 04, 2010 19:21:42 by Administrator
The Healthy Self -Esteem Quiz (True or False)

1.The opinion of other people matters a great deal to me.
2.I express my opinion freely and with confidence.
3.I need others' approval of my work and projects.
4.When I am wrong, I have no problem acknowledging it and apologize readily.
5.I enjoy the time I spend in my own company. I am rarely lonely.
6.I pay attention to my personal hygiene and grooming. I dress myself well and age appropriate.
7.I do not compete with others, I am in competition with myself.
8.I know who I am, where I am going and how I'm going to get there (the 5 year plan)
9.I have standards for myself and others.
10.I enforce my standards without begging, crying or bargaining.
11.I do not allow others to bully me with guilt when I refuse a request that does not serve me.
12.I do not engage in casual sex. My body is a divine temple and I am not rushed into sexual union with persons I barely know.
13.I do not need to tear down others to feel better about myself or my life. In other words, I do not criticize to equalize.
14.I quietly command respect from all who encounter me. Others know not to play games with me.
15.I am at peace most of the time. It is difficult to upset me.
16.I am not jealous of others. I know that The Universe has more than enough for me as well.
17.Criticism is expected. I do not practice arrogance—expecting other people to think or feel as I do 100% of the time.
18.I respect other people's opinions, even if I do not agree.
19.I am a loving person, who in turn, receives love, approval and respect from others.
20.I feel competent and confidence at my chosen profession. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and work on them. I am ever learning.

Give yourself 5 points for every TRUE answer:

5 - 25 Critical CPR needed now!
30 -50 Fair Room for improvement
55 - 75 Good Functioning
80 - 100 Excellent Congratulations!

From the Self-Esteem Workshop Part 1 on Blogtalk Radio. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.

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"Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it."
~Rick Warren
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