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Free! 30 Daily Affirmations for Greater Self-Esteem

posted Nov 04, 2010 18:56:05 by Administrator
30 Daily Affirmations To Build Self-Esteem:

1. As a child of The Most High, I am royalty.

2. Others look to me as a seat of wise counsel.

3. I am a divine being worthy of love, respect and honor.

4. I honor and respect my person.

5. I honor myself and others by establishing standards of acceptable behavior.

6. I practice self-control.

7. As a King or Queen, I am not ruled by my emotions and urges.

8. I am a good steward of money and property.

9. I am responsible person and I pay my bills and debts.

10. I forgive myself for past wrongs and I forgive others for the same, thereby inviting greater blessings into my life.

11. I am happy, joyful and blessed each and every day of my life.

12. My body is a divine temple. I eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and practice sex inside a committed relationship.

13. My mind is a stargate. I do not pollute my mind with false, censored messages from the media designed to program me and insult my intelligence.

14. I trust my own intuition. I know what is best for me.

15. I know who I am, and I reject the opinions of others who try to tell me different.

16. I can learn something from each person I meet. I am teachable, without being gullible.

17. I love my natural hair, my skin color and my heritage.

18. I radiate beauty and confidence.

19. I uplift others who stumble without judging.

20.I have dreams and goals I actively work towards. I decide to spend my time reaching those goals and do not have time for distractions.

21.I enjoy my own company and schedule “me time” every day.

22.My time is valuable. I do not waste it foolishly.

23.I do not crave attention from others. I quietly command it.

24.I am not a wallflower. I engage in social situations with confidence, because what I have to say has merit.

25.I am politically savvy. I know that laws I am not aware of can harm myself and my children.

26.I honor my partner as myself and build him or her up.

27.I honor my children with my time, love and attention. I take part in their schoolwork and activities. I read to them to expand their minds and creativity.

28.I am an active part of my community. I understand that the strength of the community is vital to our people's future.

29.I walk in truth and am not afraid of it.

30.I stand up for what is right and champion causes near to my heart.

From the Self-Esteem Workshop Part 1 on Blogtalk Radio Real Talk With AfroQween and MsBonSaint

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"Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it."
~Rick Warren
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